Photo by Phil Sharp

Hannah trained at Cambridge University and Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. She is an actor-musician, both flautist and singer. She has worked with Hotspur on our latest production, Not Half Bard.

Hannah is about to embark on an outdoor summer tour with The Rude Mechanicals, playing Hippolyta and Briony in Oberon's Cure (a prequel to A Midsummer Nights Dream.)

Theatre credits include: Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night (for Three Inch Fools), Christmas Carol and The Trials Of Charles Dickens (Dickens Theatre Company), Bad Jews (Arts Theatre}, Black Coffee (Agatha Christie Company, Cinderella and Chelsea's Choice (Allegro Touring Productions), Struts And Frets )Edinburgh Fringe), Chances (Camden Fringe), Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf and Steel Magnolias (ADC Theatre) and Dangerous Liaisons (Watermill Theatre).

Independent/Short Film credits include: Super Tuesday, Automatically Sunshine, Mixed Doubles and Sour Grapes.